Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ALSO, GO TO THIS! You haven't got long to buy your tickets so GOGOGOGOGO it'll be amazing, 
I did the logo. And this poster! Woo. 

Here's a wristband with my typeface!

Here's a book I made about Sammy Davis Jr and a selection of double page spreads. The book's in chronological order of his life. But the pictures aren't.

Ronnie Biggs is great.
For this project, I chose a person I felt has had a huge impact on British culture during the 20th century.
He was an outlaw, an explorer, a punk icon, and he lived down the road from me!

Here's a pocket map of Ronnie Biggs' face, made from his key locations.
I love him. 

An amalgamation of the 30's and the 70's