Thursday, 11 October 2012

Here's a publication that a small group of us made today, the form itself is meant to represent our opposition to the view that feminism is a non-issue. The publication opens in abstract layers of paper which turns from strong and thick, to fragile and delicate, to communicate how we believe the issue is covered over by the media with strong misrepresentations of women, and the underlying delicacy of the issue is repressed. 
We used 'One size fits all' in the centre because certain female ideals are often used as blanket 'rules' for all women to adhere to.


The Box for the exhibition! 
Top; The design which lies on the base, inside of the box.
 Middle; Three sides from the box (there is a fourth, which I need to photograph properly!) 
Bottom; A couple of shots of the inside of the box from an outside perspective.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

'Hello, Stranger.' 
The L.C.C. illustration and visual media 1st and 2nd year exhibition that I co-curated with a few others (above) Just a couple of layout shots and a picture of me with my piece, until I get a better photo of it!